About this blog:

This website is an outlet for my observations and lessons learned.  Life is a never-ending project, so this website will be as well; growing and maturing along the way.

This portal will allow me to share my passion for fitness and food.  I will strive to inspire, educate and build meaningful connections.  I firmly believe that by rediscovering parts of ourselves and simplifying our lifestyles we will experience a higher level of living.

About me:

My interest and enthusiasm for exercise started at a very young age. What began as a simple interest in athletics (including running, water skiing, hiking, swimming, horse back riding, tennis, and golf) quickly developed into a unquenchable thirst for knowledge of the human body in areas such as biomechanics, kinesiology and physiology.

For over 15 years, I have studied and worked in the health and fitness industry as a wellness coach, personal trainer, group exercise instructor and fitness club consultant.  My formal education began at Clemson University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science.  In 2003, I earned a Health and Fitness Specialist certification with the American College of Sports Medicine® and in 2005, became a certified Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches Corporation®.  As a result of my keen interest in human performance and the muscular system, I attended Resistance Training Specialist courses and am currently enrolled in an internship to learn Muscle Activation Techniques.

My goal is to live a fulfilling, meaningful life rich with experiences that make me feel engaged in a higher purpose; empowering others to do the same.  I want to build collaborative, creative relationships with others that strive for similar goals; helping as many people as possible realize their potential.  Through thoughtful and deliberate action, this spiral process will fuel itself; leading to an enhanced quality of life.

I want to help others see that the essence of exercise can be pleasurable in and of itself.  True physical fitness leads to mental fitness.  Positive changes in the body transfer to other areas of life.  We only get one body and one life to use it to it’s fullest – how do you want to feel, look, perform and live?  Each decision has a direction.

Question Everything.  Act Intentionally.  Live Congruently.